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Title Genre Released
Thumbelina in the Elf's Country. Fashion HouseAdventureQ3 2009
Alisa`s birthdayArcadaQ3 2009
Cat Leopold 1: AdventureAdventureQ3 2009
English with Cat LeopoldEducational gameQ3 2008
Russian with Cat LeopoldEducational gameQ3 2008
Three from Prostokvashino: We train memoryEducational gameQ3 2008
Three from Prostokvashino: We train attentionEducational gameQ3 2008
We develop logic and ingenuityEducational gameQ3 2008
We teach letters and figuresEducational gameQ3 2008
The Snow QueenAdventureQ4 2007
Three from Prostokvashino 6: Aliens in ProstokvashinoAdventureQ2 2008
The Fiery God of MaransAdventureQ2 2008
Dead Mountaineer`s HotelAdventureQ4 2007
Provincial player 3AdventureQ4 2007
Informatics with Uncle FiodorEducational gameQ4 2007
Mathematics with AliEducational gameQ1 2008
Russian with AliEducational gameQ1 2008
Zoology with MowgliEducational gameQ4 2007
Music in ProstokvashinoEducational gameQ1 2008
Three from Prostokvashino 5: New YearAdventureQ3 2007
Geography with AliEducational gameQ4 2007
The Wizard of Emerald CityAdventureQ4 2006
Urfin Jus and his Wooden SoldiersAdventureQ4 2006
Three from Prostokvashino 4: Summer vacationsAdventureQ4 2006
English with uncle FiodorEducational gameQ4 2006
English with AliEducational gameQ4 2006
Uncle Fiodor is taught drawingEducational gameQ4 2006
Three from Prostokvashino: We study to readEducational gameQ3 2006
Three from Prostokvashino: The cheerful LogicEducational gameQ3 2006
Three from Prostokvashino 3: BirthdayAdventureQ1 2006
Three from Prostokvashino: The cheerful abc-bookEducational gameQ4 2005
Three from Prostokvashino: The cheerful mathematicsEducational gameQ4 2005
Three from Prostokvashino: Acquaintance with schoolEducational gameQ3 2005
Three from Prostokvashino 2: Travel on a raftAdventureQ3 2005
Three from Prostokvashino 1: In search of treasureAdventureQ1 2005
Modern Design: BathroomEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Modern Design: Kitchen and dining roomEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Modern Design: Living RoomEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Modern Design: Fireplaces and stovesEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Modern Design: BedroomEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Modern Design: Style, light and colorEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Modern CottageEncyclopediaQ1 1998
Russian abuses from A to ZEncyclopediaQ2 1997
Big Encyclopedia of Computer GamesEncyclopediaQ3 1996

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