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: Akella

This is the first issue of the adventure games series for children about Uncle Fedor and his friends the tomcat Matroskin and the dog Sharik.

The game carries you to the Prostokvasheno village (the village of curdled milk) famous for its amazing inhabitants, thus providing succession for the wonderful cartoons and books of Eduar Uspenskiy which are popular among several generations.

You are to find the ancient treasure buried by rogues in the Prostokvasheno forest, and to solve logical riddles and puzzles enough to check your knack and inventiveness. Moreover, 50 unique colourful locations full of amusing animative embeddings ensure the fascinating game-play that wont keep you bored. Edifying plot organically supplements original tales of Uspenskiy and carries children along, as well as their parents who would pleasurely like to recall their childhood.

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