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English with uncle Fiodor

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Educational game

A strange letter in unknown language comes to post-office, to postman Pechkin. And he can`t understand where he should deliver it. To get know to whom it is addressed, Pechkin together with Mr. Feodor go to professor Semin, who should define certainly, what is the language in this letter.

As they get know later, Semin is waiting for his niece Katya, she arrives from America. But professor has a conference in Zanzibar, devoted to the problems of talking pythons, and he won`t be able to meet his niece. Our heroes decide to help professor. Semin leave them English books and talking jackdaw Taschilka for help.

So, Mr. Feodor, Sharik and Matroskin begin to learn English words which will be certainly useful for them in different situations. To Katya`s arrival they will know the English alphabet, numbers, colors, could show her their kitchen, their yard, the nature of Prostokvashino and a lot of other useful things.

A little player together with characters will get know that it is so interesting and useful to study English. Because it`s so easy to memorize words using colourful pictures. And that will aim a little player to get know more and more new knowledges!



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