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Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure

Jungle. The wide river has laid a way through chaos of eternal greens. On a watering place the family of Deers goes down, birds modulatingly sing in foliage of trees, breath of a porcupine of Sakha is audible... Suddenly all was around stirred up, habitual sounds of jungle were broken with loud shout and to the river was head over heels rolled out Maugli. Behind it its Brothers - Wolves ran. The scared birds for an instant have broken off, but in fact it was Maugli - and again have begun to sing the songs. The disturbed family of Deers with reproach has looked on Maugli and has again lowered heads to water. Maugli has cockily looked round and on jungle its shout was again carried...

The Human cub miracle survived in jungle - here the ideal hero for knowledge of riddles and secrets of jungle! At him it is a lot of friends, but also there are enemies. To solve secret of the Thrown city, to find answers to various riddles, to learn magic force of the Red Flower, to play in fascinating mini-games, to rescue friends and to battle to enemies - all it it is necessary to make Maugli, to true Jungle King!



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