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Dead Mountaineer`s Hotel

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure

Welcome to the beautiful hotel lost in a picturesque alpine valley Bottle Neck. The natural beauty and days free from routine rule here. Welcome to comfortable rooms with first-rate views, come and sit near the fireplace and leave your weariness behind. Welcome to the place where the mystery is waiting for you and the lost climber`s ghost leaves his signs.

There is everything the most fastidious client wants. There is more than you want - you`ll find strange accidents and contradictions. There are interesting people who`s relations are so normal only at first sight. Welcome to the world of masks - everyone here has some.

You`ll get some mystical disappearances and deaths. You`ll get thousand of questions. Take some answers but watch yourself - it`s easy to become insane. Get the fear, hate and passion - boil as long as you wish but don't burn to ashes.



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