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The Wizard of Emerald City

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC

This game starts the series of the games based on tales written by Aleksandr Volkov.

The usual girl from Kanzas which name is Ali accompanied by her dog Totoshka for first time comes to a Magic country. There she meat Scarecrow, who want to have a good brain, Iron Lumberman whoes dream is a lovely heart and Cowardly Lion who need a little bravery. All together they following to Emerald city to meat its sovereign Hoodwin who is the most powerfull wizzard of Magic country.

But the magic world is full of adventures and dangers. There may be met wick witches, sabre-toothed tigers and even Cannibal. Only courage and friendship can help Ali and her followers go throuh all that troubles and successfuly get to Emerald city. And from player depends will Ali be abble to get home and will her new friends get the brain, the heart and the bravery or not. Will Scarecrow be the new sovereign of Emerald city or he will spend all his life in vegetable garden? Will the Lion be the king of animals or he will be scared of a mouse? Will the Iron Lumberman be the King of Violet country or he will be alone in his wood?

Children and their parents will get a lot of fun while travelling by the roads, woods and cities of magic world. Excellent location created by professional painters will drive you to a world of a chilhood and magic where animals can speak and landscapes are so beautiful. So, welcome to Emerald city.



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