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The Apprentice of Warlock

Publisher: Electronic Paradise
Genre: Casual
Platform: PC

Warlock - malicious wizard, worshipping to forces of darkness. He is powerful and is ruthless. Everyone afraids him, but nobody can dare to act against his dark force.

Our main character is a boy, his name is Tim and he is an orphan. At will of destiny he becomes the apprentice of the villain. He diligently carries out all warlock`s tasks and studies secrets of dark magic not to manage evil, but to find a way to win the malicious wizard.

There is an ancient curse, which can help our hero. But warlock has hidden the keys so deeply, that nobody could take possession of this knowledge.

Plunge into the world of magic and mysticism. Horrors and imaginations can become true here. Find the ciphered marks, solve puzzles and relieve the world of the villain.



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