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Urfin Jus and his Wooden Soldiers

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC

This story continues gaming of books written by Aleksandr Volkov about a little girl`s Ali adventures in Magin country where animals and birds can speak and it is not incredible that the wisests brain belogs to a funny Scarecrow and the most loving heart - to Iron Lumberman.

But this time not everything is ok in the world of kind fairies and wizzards. Gloomy lonely joiner Urfi Juice has got known the secret of magic powder which can give life to things. After producing the army of wooden soldiers he easy established authority all over the Magic country. Then Scarecrow and Iron Lumberman have got to a prisontower because they hadn`t agreed to became his servants.

And when everyone has lost all hopes and no one was brave enough to resist to an army of oak-breakers Ali and her uncle sailor Charly Bleck comes to save her friends. Controlling thease and other characters the player will meat a Sixlegs - the monster from Underground world, control the landgoing ship to cross the Great wilderness, to get knowledge about magic items. From his success depends the future of magic earth - the last place in the world, where you can find magic and fantasy...

The game would be attractive and for children and for their parents. The player will be happy to dive in the magic world of a tale and to enjoy of wonderful landscaapes of Magic country, to look at sweet and funny its charracters, to go with the heroes through incredible adventures. This fall you will be abble to join the magic world too.



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