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Mathematics with Ali

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Educational game

Long ago malicious Urfin Jus used an unusual plant to recover his wooden soldiers. Its vital force was so strong, that it grew again each time, when it was cut. Nobody knew whence it has undertaken and nobody thought that it’ll appear in Emerald city again. The wind has carried flower pollen, and improbable disorders began to occur in the city – different subjects have begun to revive, including Strashila’s throne, which has escaped.

Our best friends should extract the recipe and all components of the potion, which will cope with this improbable plant. But magic potion is a serious thing; everything should be exact up to each drop. We can not do without such exact science as mathematics. As Strashila don’t know mathematics, Ally helps her friend to master the mysterious world of numbers and equations with a great pleasure.



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