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Zoology with Mowgli

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Educational game

Mowgli grows strong and inquisitive boy in the wonderful word of wild nature, full of secrets and mysteries. He grows together with wolfs, though not so quickly as they do, and Father Wolf teaches him his craft and explains everything, that occurs in jungle. One day Mowgli asks his friends, why are they so different though they live together.

Bagira goes to Balu with offer to tell Mowgli everything they know about animals. Balu doesn’t like boy’s inquisitiveness, but artful Bagira knows how to manipulate an old bear. Panther insists that knowledge will help Mowgli to become the master of jungles and to cope with spiteful Sher-Khan. Balu consents to tell Mowgli the story about animals with the pretended reluctance.

With each new story the kid finds out more and more, but despite of it there are a lot of new questions. Even wise Bagira and Balu don’t know everything. Mowgli goes to Kaa, to Wise Turtle and raven Kaua and asks them to tell their stories.

Mowgli listens to the stories of his friends and set out on a fascinating journey to the world of nature and finds out a lot of new things about animal world which surrounds him.



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