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Informatics with Uncle Fiodor

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Educational game

At last the world global computerization has reached up to Prostokvashino. Prostokvashino post-office modernizes PC for simplification of work of postman. Pechkin is indefinitely glad because from this moment his hard and sometimes even dangerous work becomes little bit easier. But it is a problem, Pechkin have never seen PC before and he doesn’t know what he should do with it. But…

Pechkin goes to local museum to find some information about PC, where he finds out a story about computer’s origin. Then he asks advice professor Semin. Professor is ready to help Pechkin, but unfortunately only with theoretical knowledge. This knowledge gives Pechkin superficial acquaintance with the device of PC.

So, having armed various tools, Pechkin tries to subdue high technologies by himself, but despite of all his efforts, nothing turns out. He has his last hope – it’s Uncle Feodor. Despite of all conflicts and offences Sharik and Matroskin decide to help poor postman and write the letter to Uncle Feodor, where they ask him to arrive and help Pechkin with PC.



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