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English with Ali

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Educational game

Everybody, who gets to the Magic country, somehow begins to speak unique local language. When it is time to go home for Alison, she understands that magic will disappear and she will forget this language, because her native language is English. And Scarecrow couldn`t even write a letter to his friend Alison! That is why Alison decides to teach Scarecrow English using Stella`s magic notebook. But when our heroes meet an enchantress, they hear a very interesting thing. They discovered that centuries ago the founder of the Magic country a kind magician Gurikap created the magic amulet of power, which helps to govern the country, but when enchantresses Gingema and Bastinda came to the country, they began to chase after him. Therefore it was taken apart to pieces, which were scattered all over the Magic country.

Now when there are no evil magicians left, the amulet needs to be recreated. In fact, exactly he will help Scarecrow in a management of the Magic country and will protect it from enemies. Our heroes set out in searches, and Alison tells Scarecrow the wisdom of bases of English grammar. And quite knowingly, because exactly English will help our fearless heroes to overcome all difficulties on their way to the cherished amulet of power. Alison helps Scarecrow to know about the construction of the English questions and suggestions, about strong and weak verbs, forms of verbs, articles and about other wisdoms of bases of English grammar. And you should go too in a trip together with inseparable friends for new knowledges and surprisings adventures!



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