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Uncle Fiodor is taught drawing

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Educational game

The environs of Prostokvashino are very picturesque, so aunt Zina opened the drawing school and art gallery for the habitants of Prostokvashino in which any person can show his pictures. So, if Mr. Feodor wants to have the honoured place for his pictures in the gallery he have to pass a strict selection arranged by aunt Zina. You should not only be able to draw but to know the colors and tints, forms and a lot of other things, but it`s not so easy.

Contrasting colors and additional colors. Colour circle. Mixing of colours. Warm and cold. Saturated and dilute. Dense and transparent.

In this game a child will learn new terms, will correctly determine contrasting and additional colors, will understand what colors turn out after mixing and how many basic colors at all. He will get know what does warm and cold colours mean, what are dark and light, dense and transparent, saturated and dilute colors.

The aim of educational game is to teach a child in playing form to use colors, to develop taste, to teach harmony of colour relations, to learn forms, figures and other great deal.



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