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Thumbelina in the Elf's Country. Fashion House

Publisher: New Disc
Genre: Adventure

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess and living in a fairytale castle surrounded by flowers and forests where she can make friends with the animals and talk to them in their own language... After all, most of us grew up reading the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen.

People have always looked for life on other planets and in far lands, but what if there was a totally new, unfamiliar world of sorcery and elf magic right there in grass where you always play? Thumbelina in the Land of the Elves takes you to a magical world of beauty and harmony.

A sparrow carries Thumbelina to a magical land where she finds happiness with the king of the elves, but thatís not the end of the story! She meets the magical landís inhabitants and learns all about their customs, joys and troubles. Thumbelina is invited to attend the annual festival of flowers and a gala ball. She wants to wear a fantastic dress for the occasion, and she wants to design it herself.

With the help of all the inhabitants of the Land of the Elves, the tiny queen opens a fashion studio, where she learns about sewing wonderful dresses, putting on makeup, doing manicures and designing jewelry.

Thereís more to the game than the dress-up mini-games! Thumbelina has exciting adventures, overcoming problems and gaining the love of everyone in the Land of the Elves.


  • 30 cool 2D locations
  • More than 15 3D fairytale characters
  • Over 10 super mini-games where the player can dress a character, do her nails and makeup, invent jewelry for her, solve puzzles and even fly on a grasshopper!

  • Screenshots


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