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Steel Typhoon

Publisher: Electronic Paradise
Genre: Arcade
Platform: PC, Android, iOS, PS3, XBOX

Three continents were stuck in military actions, war for resources, war for territory and new technologies, war to survive.Your tank is embodiment of the newest technologies multiplied on improbable fire power. The additional updatings of the tank during fight will allow you considerably to strengthen fire power. And you will need it - your enemy is struggle to servive too. This fight is important for him too and he won`t miss a chance to destroy you!

In this world there is no compassion and sympathy for an enemy, there is only heated steel from guns of the enemy. Your enemy has the most utter technology for murder. But you have no other choice - or you, or he...

You`ll go by a typhoon on three worlds, where it is necessary to execute more than 20 missions, more than ten updatings will be accessible to you, you will meet the opponent armed up to teeth by the most perfect arms.



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