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The Snow Queen

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure

"In the big city with a lot of houses and so many people that it’s hard to find some space for a little garden, where the majority of the inhabitants should enjoy only flower pots, two poor children lived, but they had a garden which was bigger than the flower pot. They were not in relationship, but they loved each other, as the brother and sister... "

That’s the beginning of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “Snow Queen” and the beginning of our story about little brave girl whose name was Gerda. Kay and Gerda lived happily while a misfortune did not happen once - Kay disappeared and everybody decided that he had perished. Everybody except Gerda, she sets out on the searches of her adopted brother.

Together with Gerda we will visit a garden where talking flowers grow, get know how the real princesses live. We will be in captivity of robbers. We will make a voyage to North to visit the surprising world of the Snow queen, win over her numerous snow army and come back home with Kay.

Snow Queen - is a colourful quest for children with the atmosphere of unique magic world of fairy-tale created by H. Andersen. Beautiful locations, great number of puzzles and alternative lines of plot, the possibility to pass some stages of game with different characters and other great deal for a long time will hold of player’s attention and will not leave him indifferent.



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