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Three from Prostokvashino 5: New Year

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure

The winter came in Prostokvashino. The river is covered with ice, the houses and the trees are covered with snow like a blanket. The trickles of smoke are rising to the sky from the pipes and dancing with snowflakes. It`s so beautiful in Prostokvashino in winter, you would never find the place better than this to spend your winter holidays.

Sharik and Matroskin are waiting for Mr. Feodor`s arriving. They prepare for the meeting, clear the snow from the roads.

There is no time for boredom near the stove, because New Year will be soon! So they decided to make a merry holiday for everyone.

There are so many things for Mr. Feodor, Sharik and Matroskin to do to prepare to the holiday. They have to find decorations and decorate the Christmas tree, make a snow man, to make a hill, manage with wreckers, invite the habitants of Prostokvashino and meet Father Frost with gifts.

The winter brought a lot of snow and frosts, but it is also the time of snowballs, sledges, ski, skates, snow hills and icicles. Together with our heroes, you are waited by a winter fairy-tale, a lot of merry adventures, games, riddles and tasks from Father Frost.



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