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Polly and Fabulous House

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC

It is a silent star night. A little girl Polly is sleeping on the bed with her cat Lisa. But suddenly Polly wake up from strange sounds reaching from a corner with toys. A fabulous creature flies out from the doll house and invites the girl to take part in competition of princesses, which is held in the Kingdom of Dreams. Polly accepts the invitation with pleasure and goes to the fabulous country with her cat Lisa.

The Kingdom of Dreams is full of magic and riddles, unexpected meetings and acquaintances. Fairies and wizards, amusing animals and birds live in that fantastic world; flying flowers and speaking trees grow there. The most improbable dreams become a reality here.

But this magic country is in danger. Evil witch wants to subordinate the inhabitants and to control the kingdom. If it happens, all children couldn`t have good and cheerful dreams, they could have only the nightmares.

Have a journey together with Polly and Lisa, visit the fabulous Kingdom of Dreams, where you can overcome the evil witch, find a lot of new friends, help Polly to win in competition of princesses and to become the Princess of Kingdom of Dreams!



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