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Provincial player 3

Publisher: Akella
Genre: Adventure

The Provincial player 3 is a continuation of the serial which is already grown fond to you, itís about adventures of well known billiards player, the favorite of women and just a good guy - Art Billy. Having got in one trouble, about which he does not want to tell, Art decides to do away with billiards and hazardous games and for a long time he lives like convinced bachelor. And, probably, Art would finally turn sour in remote Kozyulsk, if not one incident...

In the third part of game the destiny brings our hero in completely other city which has been not put on any map, the local authority was divided between different criminal groupings. Art have to solve the secret of series of mysterious murders, which were mysterious even for police; to recollect the skills of billiards player which were almost forgotten and, certainly, to emerge unscathed... Other characters of the game will help him with it, you will recognize in them a lot of your favourite actors, politicians, variety show and TV stars. The magnificent graphics of komicses, portion of good humour, billiards and... a lot of other entertainments.



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